Initial Consultation

If you are interested in working with me, our first step will be to connect by phone for a brief initial consultation (approximately 5-10 minutes). The goal of this consultation to answer any questions you may have, get a sense of your goals for therapy, and how I may be able to help you reach your goals.

If during the course of our talk I get the sense that you may be better matched for other services, I will let you know and will make appropriate referrals whenever possible.

Please note that the free initial consultation is not a therapy session.  Again, it is a chance to clarify your goals and assess the fit between your goals and the services I provide. 


I work collaboratively with individuals, couples, and families to provide counseling and support. I am compassionate in helping you work through areas where you may feel stuck and/or want to change in your life. From substance use, adjusting to rough life transitions, to addressing depression, we can work together to create and sustain change. Getting unstuck and change can be scary. You don’t have to do it alone. I hope my insight, experience and expertise can be of help to you in your journey.

I provide services to young adults, adults and older adults.